Just 6 Months Ago

It is hard for me to imagine that just six months ago Carter was drinking from a bottle and only said two or three words. Every parent goes through this when they look back at old pictures or videos and realize their baby is growing up really fast.

It is interesting to have my fourth child begin communicating in two languages. When we arrived in France he could say "ball" and a couple of other words in English.

Yesterday we were playing a fun game with Carter where we asked him the same question in English, and then in French. It went like this:

"Carter, are you thirsty?'

"Carter, est-ce que tu as soif?"


Blogger Shanel said...

Wow! that is so cool, I am always amazed when I hear kids speaking another language.

Blogger Courtney said...

We had a kid that lived in our building in Wymount. The mom always spoke English to him and the dad always spoke Spanish. Even though he was only two he could speak both languages fluently and seemed to understand what language to speak to other people in. For example his grandparents only spoke Spanish. The mom could tell the little boy in English to go tell the grandpa something and he would go to the grandpa and tell him in Spanish. It always amazed me.

The trick with Carter is keeping up the French when you get back to the US! I'm guessing you should be the designated French speaker based on previous entries.


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