Sad, Sad Day

After a week in the shop, the BMW is finally fixed. She is beautiful! Better than before, actually, except that you still can't open the front passenger door from the inside. And if you want to roll up the window, you have to press on the down arrow, and if you want to roll it down, you have to press on the up arrow.

So maybe not better on the inside, but definitely shiny and smooth on the outside. So it was really sad to have her back 1) because it cost us 1500€ and 2) We had to say goodbye to the Renault Scenic.

While the Renault may not be the highest quality brand around, they sure put a lot of thought into the functionality of the 7 passenger Grand Scenic. The seats sit up higher than a regular car, so it is much more like a minivan than a BMW (duh, BMW, Honda Odyssey, what's the diff?)

Also, she has all these nifty cupholders, hidden drawers and hideaway seats. Let's not forget the fact that she has an automatic emergency brake and sideview mirrors that fold automatically when you stop the car. And the cherry on top is of course the "key."

We may have mentioned the Renault key when we talked about the Espace we drove in Nantes. About the size of a thick credit card, you merely have to have the key on your person or in the car for the car to start. Very handy when dragging four kids around!

But this afternoon she went back to Pascaline, cleaned, vacuumed and polished. And with a flat tire. Bad luck or bad roads? Probably both!


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