It's January

In my world, January always brings one thing for sure: SICK. Apparently living in another country does not ward off the inevitable.

None of my friends can forget January of '06, when Dave and I were so busy throwing up that we couldn't care for our own children. Luckily they came and took the kids away so we could concentrate on the porcelain throne.

Here is the aftermath of my "gastro".
I beg you, please do not click on this picture to enlarge it. Just be grateful I'm not dead.


Anonymous shimber said...

You really don't look that bad! :) Just a little tired, really. I'm glad you're feeling better and hope no one else catches it!

Anonymous Michelle said...

Oh, so sad Stasha. Glen and I were just saying what a lucky year it's been for us. Our whole family has been remakably healthy. I hope that comment doesn't come around to bite me. Hang in there 'ol friend.

Blogger Larissa said...

I just left Kimberlee's house after picking up her mom from the airport to come and help their family because she looks exactly like you do in this picture! She's got it bad and her kids are not well either. Hope you're on the up and up.

Blogger hughes family said...

I'm so sorry you are sick stasha! It makes mothering exponentially harder than 'normal'.

We've all been sick too and this morning Jones saw an ad for Beaches resorts and he said, "mom, do YOU want to go on a vacation?"
...sign me up!


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