Must be time for some updates, because I can't think of anything "exciting" to write about.

1. After more than four months of "on and off" water, a diagnosis has been made on the pump for the well. This comes after countless shouts of "DAVE! The water is off AGAIN!" mid-shower. Apparently there is a hole/leak in the balloon inside the pump. Whatever. Just fix it so I take a shower when I feel like it!

2. Also after more than four months, the girls have each started an extra-curricular activity. Abby is doing swimming lessons once a week at the indoor pool, and Sophie is doing a dance class. Sophie is particularly excited because there is a "spectacle" on February 1st. And this coincides with nouvelle #3.

3. Dave got a job. So it's not exactly working in a bread shop so he can learn French (remember that funny joke?). In fact, it has absolutely zero to do with French. He will be consulting for a company where an ex-manager of his works. His first assignment is to go back to the US for 12 days. He leaves January 27th.

4. Sophie broke the thermometer. Normally this would not be news, but the aftermath has been so annoying that it made the charts today. First off, it was a glass thermometer, like your Mom had when you were little. I bought it when we arrived thinking I needed a thermometer in the house, and didn't want to spend a bunch of money.

So I bought the cheapest one I could find. When it broke, all the silvery Mercury spilled out. Sam thought this was pretty cool and proceeded to drip it all down the hallway to watch the silver form cool shapes. But when he got a piece of the glass lodged in his heel, he didn't think that was very cool. And Dave wasn't very happy when Carter was crying all afternoon and his eyes started leaking a little and his face was all red. He didn't like the noise, but he also didn't like the fact that he couldn't take Carter's temperature! Turns out he has an ear infection, and the pharmacy was all out of thermometers.

All that being said, the weather was gorgeous today and yesterday. I even laid in the hammock today (fully dressed in boots and a sweater) so I could enjoy the sun on my face. That helped a little with the fierce case of homesickness I have had for the past few days. But that's another story.


Blogger Larissa said...

A job? That's sounds so conventional. Don't tell me Dave is caving under the pressures of society. :) So tell us more about that and where it is he will be heading and so forth.


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