I think I did pretty well not getting homesick until more than six months out of the country. It just hit me the other day, probably because Dave is going back and will get to see our house and our families and Wendy's, if he wants, where he can order an enormous Root Beer with tons of ice.

The homesickness has waned a little today, but these are some of the things I have thought about the last few days.

-Valentine's clothes at stores like Old Navy and Gymboree. Sophie is a Valentine's baby, so I love to buy that stuff for her.

-Going to TJ Maxx or Marshall's and buying stuff that looks like it came from Pottery Barn Kids. Or cute Roxy tops for the girls.

-Sub sandwiches. Like the #1 from Port of Subs with a Root Beer or an Italian BMT (toasted!) from Subway.

-Starbucks vanilla frappuccino with caramel in the cup. I just gained 2 kilos thinking about it.

-Target. They have EVERYTHING at Target. I love Target.

-My Honda Odyssey. I admit, the Odyssey is no chic ride, and mine is going on 6 years, so she's starting to show a little in the age department, but she is so practical with little kids! And she has her own DVD. I miss her so much.

Maybe tomorrow I will list all the things that I love about France to remind myself what a great adventure I am having!


Blogger Janae said...

I'm dying to know what will be on your "bring back to France" list this time. How's your syrup stash lasting?


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